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Aromatherapy Facials

Cherish the skin you are in and treat yourself regularly with these magnificent, cleansing, nourishing and refreshing facials to replenish and maintain a healthy glowing complexion. Our blends are hand-made with the highest quality of natural plant-based ingredients         full of minerals, nutrients and vitamins; enriched with Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant,

to encourage skin cells renewal, hydration and skin repair. 

30 mins ........ $75                                                                         

60 mins ........ $120




Aromatherapy Massage

This relaxing treatment is performed with beautiful blends using 100% pure essential oils, specifically chosen for the individual's needs. While gently massaged into the body,

the therapeutic properties of the oils are slowly released into the circulation through               the skin, thus enhancing the experience.

It is deeply balancing and nurturing, and combines techniques such as lymphatic drainage, acupressure, remedial and swedish. This massage may support the healing of the body

as a whole, while the aromas induce a general state of well being, leaving you

rejuvenated and rebalanced.

60 mins ........ $115                                                                        

90 mins ........ $145




Children Massage​

Provided in a safe and quiet environment, with professional nurturing and respect,

this treatment is an ideal complimentary therapy specifically customised for children to help ease their aches and pains, promote good sleeping patterns, teach them to be aware of

their body and where they may hold tension, increase the circulation and relaxation,

as well as supporting their wellbeing as a whole. 

30 mins ........ $65    ( 2 to 12 years )                     

60 mins ........ $95    ( 2 to 12 years )                                                                              

60 mins ........ $115    (13 years +)




Feet Therapy

Rescue tired, neglected, rough and sore feet with this intensive, soothing and replenishing treatment to restore vitality, take aches and pain away, refresh the skin, stimulate the circulation, and leave you feeling invigorated.

This divine treatment begins with your feet soaking in a warm aromatic herbal salt bath to help draw out any toxins, excess fluid and alleviate tension. It is followed by a gentle salt exfoliation, and a mineral clay mask.

It ends with a nurturing massage, using luxurious aromatherapy oil blends guaranteed

to leave your skin nourished and light as a feather.

* The lower leg is included in the massage of the feet.  

30 mins ........ $85                                                                      

60 mins ........ $135




holisticDi Signature Treatment

Incorporating a 90 mins full body massage and 30 mins facial, you will be transported

into a state of total bliss with this very special treatment that will soothe your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Your senses will run free as hot aromatic compresses are gently pressed onto your skin warming you up to long flowing rhythmical strokes using an exotic blend of warm oils.

Let the tension melt away and deep relaxation be induced with hot stones placed on

specific areas of the body.

After the massage, your skin will be cleansed, nourished and rejuvenated with our

beautiful aromatherapy facial, leaving you replenished and hydrated.

The therapy ends to the healing sounds of the Tibetan bowl rang over the seven Chakras (energy centres), creating balance, peace and harmony within.

2 hours ........ $215




Hot Aroma Herbal Poultices Massage

This truly amazing and unique therapy uses soothing, moist and warm therapeutic herbal poultices, dipped into a warm aromatherapy blend, and massaged gently all over the body.

It is based on the transfer of focused healing energy from the practitioner and the healing powers of essential oils and flowing juices from the herbs / flowers into the skin.

Your blood circulation and lymph flow may increase, your aches and pain relieved,

and your being taken to a calm realm.

* This massage is exclusive to our clinic and is recommended for anyone looking for a different

  and rare experience.

90 mins ........ $185




Hot Stones Therapy

Part of rituals in many healing cultures, this ancient practice of thermotherapy uses

volcanic Basalt stones, heated just at the right temperature. Let yourself flow to another dimension while the stones diffuse their healing heat deeply into the muscles,

dissolving any tension and leaving you balanced, calm, relaxed yet revitalised.

90 mins ........ $165




Lymphatic Drainage

This therapy is a specific type of gentle rhythmic massage that supports the circulation

of the lymph fluid stimulating the immune system, by promoting a break-down of waste products at a cellular level; with a detoxifying effect that may help maintain general

health by balancing the body's fluid.

60 mins ........ $115                                                                      

90 mins ........ $145

Mobile Massage / In - Home Visits / Services

This treatment is offered right in the comfort of your home or holiday home / air bnb / hotel...

Relax in your own setting and enjoy a treatment* for the duration of 60 minutes or more. 

This option is beneficial for people who are less mobile, the elderly, or as part of a holiday getaway, on your own or with friends and family.

* See General Terms & Conditions. For facials and feet treatments, please contact us as prices will defer. 

WITHIN 30 mins distance from our primary clinic in Blackheath:

60 mins Massage ........ $165               

90 mins Massage .......  $215   


WITHIN a distance greater than 30 mins, but no greater than 60 mins distance from our primary clinic in Blackheath:

 *** MINIMUM booking of TWO people required for this service - up to four max per day ***

60 mins Massage ........ $180

90 mins Massage ........ $230 





As you relax in a secure and comfortable position, feel nurtured with this relaxing massage to ease your aches and pain, increase the blood and lymph flow while supporting you throughout this special time. A feel-good effect for both mother and baby indirectly.

* Pregnancy massage is ONLY available AFTER the first trimester.

60 mins ........ $115                                                                      

90 mins ........ $145




This soothing massage promotes circulation, increases flexibility and relieves stress

and aches; leaving you feeling renewed, calm, balanced and blissful.

60 mins ........ $115                                                                 

90 mins ........ $145



Remedial / Deep Tissue / Sport Massage

Tailored to your own needs, this massage is specific to areas of pain / tension / stiffness.

It may be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Techniques such as myofascia release and trigger point therapy are used to stimulate an increase of blood supply onto the affected areas so to decrease your aches, increase your range of movements;

and remove toxins from the muscles and fascia (connective tissue); thus promoting

the body's own repair mechanisms through its natural healing process.

60 mins ...... $115                                                                       

90 mins ........ $145

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