Discounts and Specials

Add any Facial or Feet Treatment to any 60 mins massage, and receive $5 OFF the total price.
Add any Facial or Feet Treatment to any 90 mins massage, and receive $10 OFF the total price.
Complimentary Offer 
On your first visit to our primary clinic in Blackheath, ALL clients / patients receive for FREE an extra 30mins on their treatment booked.
* This offer applies ONLY to therapies of the duration of 60mins and more.
* This offer does NOT apply when you are redeeming a gift voucher. NOR is it applicable for Mobile / In-Home visits / services.
Gift Vouchers

Discounts are available when you purchase 2 or more Gift Vouchers in the one transaction.

   - Buy 2 or more vouchers, and receive 10% OFF the total price.

   - Buy 3 or more vouchers, and receive 20% OFF the total price.

(see our Gift Voucher page for further details / conditions)



Reward Card

Pick up a Reward Card on your first visit, book any 4 therapies of your choice within a 8-week period, and receive 25% OFF on the 5th treatment.



Low-Income Earners

Anyone receiving a government benefit as an income, Pensioners, Senior Citizens, Students over 18 years old; present your valid card on your first visit, and receive 20% OFF on ALL treatments, for the duration of your status.


* This discount is ONLY applicable if you are NOT with a health fund.





*Discounts are NOT available when purchasing only one Gift Voucher in the one transaction.


*Health Fund Rebates are NOT available when purchasing and / or redeeming a Gift Voucher.


*Prices / Discounts / Specials are subject to change without any notice given.

*** Discounts and Specials offered by holisticDi Therapies are NOT available at our clinic in Katoomba ***

                  *** NOR are they applicable for Mobile / In-Home visits / services ***


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