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General Terms and Conditions



All of our services are for therapeutical purposes ONLY.


Remedial Massage techniques are incorporated in all of our treatments.


All the therapies offered at holisticDi Therapies are not for medical observation

and / or diagnosis of illness or disease.

Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage are NOT substitutes for medical examination.

Seek the help of a qualified doctor.

The practitioner reserves the right to NOT treat any individual who presents with

a contraindicated condition, an infectious disease, who is under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs, and who seeks services other than genuine therapeutical aromatherapy and massage therapy.

Some contraindications require a written referral from your general practitioner (GP). 


holisticDi Therapies follows the HCCC Health Code of Conduct, the Code of Ethics

as outlined by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and their own personal

Code of Ethics and Values. Our primary duty of care is the person who seeks our services. 


By seeking treatments at holisticDi Therapies, clients / patients agree to provide true and accurate details in regards to their medical history and state of health at the time of each appointment. It is the clients' / patients' sole responsibility to keep the therapist updated as to the status of their health and any relevant information.


By giving false information and failing to update the therapist of your current health and wellbeing status, the client releases holisticDi Therapies from any liability for any treatment / product that may be contraindicated and / or inappropriate; and for any accident, skin reaction or unforeseen occurrence, having taken reasonable and due care.


All the information gathered and shared between therapist & client is kept strictly 

confidential. This will not apply to criminal and / or legal issues, if those may arise.


At holisticDi Therapies, we take NO responsibility and NO liability for how

clients / patients / buyers store and use our aromatherapy products; for any possible skin reactions and for ANY accidental ingestion (acute oral toxicity).

The individual person takes responsibility over their own actions, method of usage and storage.

All clients / patients release the therapist (s) of holisticDi Therapies from liability for any accident and / or unforeseen occurrence at the premises, during any of your visits.


holisticDi Therapies encourages ALL people to do their own research as to getting further details on any therapies we offer, and  / or subjects related to the services we offer. We are available to answer any questions you may have.


We also encourage everyone to speak with their doctor prior to seeking aromatherapy

and massage therapy, and keep them informed at all times that you are receiving therapeutic treatments. 


We are proud to be able to offer services of an upmost quality at very competitive prices.

Prices are subject to change without any notice given.


NO HEALTH FUND REBATES available for Mobile / Home Visits.

Hot Aroma Herbal Poultices Massage, Hot Stones Therapy, and Lomilomi Massage are NOT available with the mobile service we offer.

Bed and breakfasts, hotels, holiday accomodations, etc may have their own rules and prohibitions as to an independent therapist entering their property. Please check the conditions applied at your holiday place prior to enquiring for this service at holisticDi Therapies.

We will only accept cash payments on the day of your treatment.

It is the client / patient 's responsibility to offer a safe, accessible, clean and quiet space for the therapist to perform the treatment.

Depending on the weather, it is up to you to provide adequate cooling or heating system,

to assist in your own comfort.













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