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Aromatherapy at holisticDi Therapies



By utilising the pharmacological, psychotherapeutic and metaphysical properties of essential oils according to the specific needs of the patient, holisticDi Therapies is able to create an array of beautiful heavenly-scented and therapeutic elixirs, made to order, to help promote 

health and vitality, with the aim of treating the person as a whole, not just the symptoms

they present with.



This complimentary and alternative therapy may be part of anyone's life to balance health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices. It may be used as a preventative measure, to help stimulate

the immune system therefore maintaining the healing process of an individual's body;  

to support one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The possibilities are endless.


Aromatherapy may also assist in pain management, and reduce stress - a cause of many illnesses in our modern fast-paced world. It is versatile in the way it may be used by people of all ages, all skin types, all conditions.



Depending on the conditions and / or the reasons to seek treatment, our handmade blends

may be tailored to each client depending on their individual needs / skin types, covering a wide range of ailments such as (to name a few): arthritis, chronic fatigue symptoms, colds / flu, cough, dandruff, depression, fever, headaches / migraines, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, 

lice treatments, mental fatigue, minor burns / cuts / inflammations / wounds,

muscular aches and pain, nappy rash, PMS, sinusitis, skin conditions / maintenance,

stress related issues and more...



holisticDi Therapies produces an array of products that may be beneficial in many ways:

- bath bombs, salts, milks to cleanse, ease aches and pain, nourish and detoxify the body; 

- face oils to nourish the skin, cleansers to remove impurities, misty spritzers to hydrate, 

mask bases of pure natural active clays for detoxification, scrubs for gentle exfoliation, 

serums / elixirs to help minimize wrinkles, feed and repair the skin; 

- hair oils to minimise symptoms and balance the sebum;

- body oils to moisturise, relieve symptoms associated with certain skin conditions, 

minimize the appearance of stretch marks, infuse a sense of peace and happiness,

reduce symptoms associated with pain;

- roll-on perfumes to refresh, relax, control body odours;

- pure essential oils blends for use in diffusers to relax the mind, invigorate, help with symptoms of headaches / insomnia, reduce stress levels, stimulate positive emotions 

- home air freshener sprays,

- herbal blends of dried flowers / herbs / spices / wood to infuse into the bath or foot baths

to ease aches, detox and promote the circulation.


holisticDi Therapies also offers subtle aromatherapy blends that may be useful in meditation, the balance of the Chakras, the healing of the mind / spirit / soul; and astrological aromatherapy for each of the 12 zodiac signs.



All of our products are made in the Blue Mountains, from 100% pure and natural ingredients derived from plants, with no artificial colours, fragrance, preservative, nor harsh chemicals.

No animal-derived ingredients are used. 

Where possible, we prefer to source Australian made and produced ingredients.       



For certain conditions, an initial consultation is required to assess your medical history,

allergies and sensitivities, so to deliver an effective treatment plan to help alleviate the presenting symptoms and be clear of your specific needs. 



It is important to note that some cautions and contraindications do apply in some cases. 

At holisticDi Therapies, we encourage you to consult with your doctor before using aromatherapy, to seek our professional advice based on our scope of practice, to produce true, accurate and updated details of your state of health and wellbeing, and to only use

our products for external application only.



It is always recommended that aromatherapy blends be used consciously with the intention of their purpose; be respected for the powerful chemical constituents that essential oils are; 

following the correct method of application, storing them properly and never ingesting / taken internally. 



Because our products are made only to order, it is important to note that some aromatherapy potions may require up to 7 days to be ready, allowing time for the synergy of aromas and therapeutic properties, a process that may be crucial in delivering their holistic benefits.




Prices vary for all blends.                                    


A fee for the postage handling will be charged EXTRA on all orders.

This fee varies from package to package, depending on the individual weight.


Orders will ONLY be sent to a street address once payment is received. PO Boxes will NOT accepted.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.




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