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About Us




Proudly owned and operated by Dionne Kankindji, holisticDi Therapies offers a variety of complementary natural therapies to people of all ages; in a beautiful and peaceful environment, inviting you to a multi-sensory experience... 


With over 10 years experience, Dionne is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist.

For many years, she has successfully run her own private clinic and has offered

her services to many other practices - treating patients of all ages, backgrounds,

and different health ailments. 

Her knowledge and experience expend to diverse settings - massage and chiropractic clinics, natural therapies and beauty centres, award-winning day spas and luxury accommodations, sports clubs, post marathon events, corporate companies, writers' house, home visits,

nursing homes, and festivals.

She also works in the Disability Sector, with patients suffering physical and intellectual conditions.


With the diverse modalities on offer, there is a therapy suitable for each and everyone. 


Delivered in a candle-lit room, gorgeous aromas floating through the air to awaken your senses; we wish to put you at ease in a peaceful, relaxing, warm and safe environment; 

helping you to absorb the positive effects of the therapies (whatever those may be). 

At holisticDi Therapies, all of our services are client - centered.

The health and wellbeing of our patients are always taken into consideration when tailoring individual treatments, on the day of your visit, in accordance to what you may present with.

We aspire to treat each and everyone with a holistic approach as we believe that the person 

as a whole is more important than the symptoms alone; that all within one's self is connected as one, thus the importance of looking at all aspects of the individual's state at the time of your visit - body, mind, spirit, soul - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.

We are here to support you through your personal journey and assist in maintaining a healthy body and mind, a sense of wholesomeness; harmony, bliss and calm within your own holistic being. 


holisticDi Therapies believes that complementary medicine may not be seen

as a luxury but may be adopted as a preventative measure to support one's health,

peace and balance in our fast moving world






















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